Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barbie Princess Syndrome

My dear littleathena,

I used to against Barbie Princess to interfere in my life,
I was anyway not so fond of Barbie when I was a child. I was more into books and papermakers, and dance, and i don't remember anything else -- as if part of my childhood being kept hidden somewhere for the reason that i would never seek.
Anyway, my being against Barbie is mainly for its gender stereotyping in female personification. And how racist one could be to number one the caucasian type and neglect the afroamerican not to mention the asian. However, there are the things that were just unavoidable, such as the way I consciously inject the girly thing in you and create a mindset of a good girl which behaves as princess.. I admitted, I am guilty as charged.
But then I see things, sometimes the things that are labelled by others as bad is not really as bad as it seen. Or what other said good, is not always good for you. You, evantually have to decide for yourself.
Despite of the fact that Barbie Princess is such a pretty toys -- that even a child could not resist, Barbie Pincess movies happen to share good stories through song and lyrics.
I found it quite inspiring. surpisingly. They talked about dreams, about love, about sharing, and friendship. They really dig insight of being a girl. the girl power.
The most amazing thing happen when we start playing the CD in the car.. for the last 3 days my littleathena put us to silent. then the next day, she sang. she sang in English which she never really learn before. (she was being taught in Indonesian cause it is the proper stimulation to make her talks at that time)
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !

To any of you who'd like to know more about these Barbie inspiring songs, here are some of my littledarling's favorite :

BARBIE - Island Princess
Title : Always More

Everybody is born to care
It's something we were meant to share
Not to keep to ourselves all alone

If we make room for someone new
Doesn't mean that there's less for you
Only means that our circle has grown

Love knows, Love grows
Bigger than before
In your heart there's always more

It's magic the more you give it away
The more love comes back to you everyday
You are my Tike and I am your Ro
Always forever wherever we go...

So Love knows,
Love Grows,
Bigger than before...

In your heart, there's always more
Always more...

BARBIE - The Three Musketeers
Title: I'm Making My Way
Take a look around, Take a walk downtown
Wondering if what you have been telling me is true
That I've been living large
Should accept that it's too hard
Forget about your dreams girl,
No, you wait a minute
'Cause I've opened my eyes.

I'm making my way you see,
Throwing out the disbelief
I'm jumping in , Giving it everything
There's nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
'Cuz I'm making my way
You bet I am
Making my way...

Does it freak you out ?
I am fierce and proud
Doint it with style baby who's the fool now?
I've finally sifted through
The useless attitudes
Ain't nobody pushing me around, no
I know who I am...

This life is a maze sometimes, but at least this life is mine...

Well that's a bit.. will continue later on..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday my baby...

Happy Birthday my Little Athena,
today you are 3, and I still love holding you tight in my arms as if you were a baby.
i believe you will learn much more to be on your own..
perhaps we talk less or spent less time together,
perhaps you have found what you like to do on your own,
but never forget to bear in mind,
that if you found me in anger, i might be just tired.
that if I said something wrong, perhaps i just being way to old-fashioned.
that if I stay silenced, i might need some sleep.
that if I'm not around during your best moments -- i will be just a heartbeat away,
for every second I cherish your being,
for every prayers I've sent through my breath,
for whatever it is,
I will be just a heartbeat away... never too far away to let you live your own.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

coping with changes..

Hey Baby,

one day when you grew up you will realize and start questioning why things changes.
and things changes so fast that you no longer realize that it is you who is now make a difference.
being difference is great.
people know you for something and that's good. instead, if you feel like the commoners, perhaps you need to make a stand and make your point.
never be afraid of revealing who you area and make the change.
When you never go down you will never turn up. when you dont feel sad, you would never know how it feels to be glad.
just be normal and don't be perfect.

There are times that I feel that I don't belong in everywhere -- just like one size smaller shoes. painful and hurts, and always think 'why does she gets that perfect one'
well bite this, as far as I know -- every living human being has their own problems.
so you can always cheer yourself from knowing that you are not alone :)
secondly, you always have options - to leave the room or stay, smile and just nodded.
you can try to adapt or you can choose to take a nap. remember the options area yours.
thirdly, you will never know who will be the good friend now or make the bad girls then. people changes even without you realizing how much changes you'd make within the last couple of years.

Look at the mirror and see who you really are.
ask yourself on what's the point of you're doing things.
sometimes.. your reason is much far noble than the saints themselves.
try it.

and remember one thing,
no matter how much you change - I will always love you and be there for you in heart.
no matter when, where, and for whatever reason why.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Athena's First Singing - twinkle, twinkle little star..

It's the Barney effect at the era of 2009.

Pretty much different than how we used to be -- or at least how I used to be.
Back then in 1982s, I would probably start the singing with some 'Topi saya bundar' and 'Burung Kakatua' which have the same notes. That might be the reason why I'm not considered as a tone-literate :p

Athena, at the age of 2 years and 1 month old -- sang both 'Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars' & 'I Love you' and that happens just after Barney's Show in Jakarta last weekend.
Amazingly, her first time attending music & theatrical performance has triggered her wanting to open her mouth and constantly singing a song, even with a pause here and then and not so clear English words, but she got it -- in full song.
The funny thing is that she remain stunned and say nothing during the show. Not even when I move closer to Barney so she could realize that it is not just a big TV screen with some sparks, but trully a real Barney & friends were there performing music and dance.
Perhaps she captured everything in her mind and practice everything out when she got home.

an amazing experience -- a precious moment that will last for good:

  1. Taking Athena to a music performance where she just stunned. and being a very good daughter doing all what mamanda says (yeup -- it was mother 7 daughter moment only). Capturing her excitement when entering the hall, sitting properly on her seat as if she was grown ups, being a very nice little darling for the rest of the show and even until it's over. Putting on her black little hat over the heating sun, and her sunglasses on while waiting Papanda to pick us up.
  2. Listening to her singing of a full song. This time was my turn stunning at her.
I believe music plays a great role on her brain development, and not only that, she as well learn to move her body according to the rythm played. Music & Singing & Dancing would be the most fun thing to do when a mom try to teach something to her baby. It's delightful for both mom & baby.

Here are some tips to make your baby a singing-baby :

  • Step 1

    Listen to different kinds of music. Move to the music by dancing, marching, or wiggling in silly ways. Get your child interested in music from the day you bring your baby home by making music part of your everyday life.

  • Step 2

    Play or sing the same songs over and over again. Repetition is the easiest and fastest way to teach your child a song.

  • Step 3

    Use songs to initiate transitions in your toddler's day. For breakfast sing, "If you're hungry and you know it clap your hands, sit at the table, give mommy a kiss ' " Sing clean-up songs when you are picking up toys. Choose favorite songs to sing at naptime and bedtime.

  • Step 4

    Act out songs while you sing. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a common song to act out while you are singing. Make up your own actions for songs such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or sign the alphabet while singing the ABC's.

  • Step 5

    Buy a cassette tape or CD to listen to while in the car. There are several sing-a-long tapes available for every age group. Playing and singing children's music while traveling is also a good way to entertain bored children.

  • Step 6

    Include music in physical play. Move while the music is playing and freeze when the music stops. Teach rhythm by clapping and marching in time to music. Practice fast and slow by singing at different speeds.

  • Step 7
    Sing. Sing songs with your toddler when you see things that remind you of a song. Sing when you are walking, shopping or cleaning. Make music a part of your toddler's life by making music a part of your life.
And some other small tips:
  • Buy a tape player and cassette tapes for your child to play with.
  • Collect different types of instruments for your child to play with.
  • Talk about different instruments you can hear when listening to music.
  • You may want to stay away from chaotic styles of head-banging rock, grunge and rap. Some animal studies show altered brain development due to prolonged exposure to chaotic, discordant music.
Tell me if your baby sing yet.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do you really know your child ?

That might be one question that appear to all parents for at least once when their children start reaching teenager. Similar question appear when I was abround 13yo, why is it so hard to make your parents understand what's important to me.
To many parents adoring childhood as the most wonderful times, that include myself, sometimes we all forgot that our baby is actually grows. She's no longer wearing the dress we choose, and she decide her shoes to wear this day.
One of my greatest fear is to feel the attachment I've got with my little Athena is gone. And that I can no longer understand her -- like my mom can't understand me back then.
So I capture carefully in mind on her behaviour eversince she's breastfed up to this moment -- bearing in my mind (and my husband) that her behavior today is can reveal who she is in the future.
And here are the list that I will add on as long as I could:
1. Love to tease and being teased.
2. Very Sensitive
3. High Pride
4. Love to share
5. Love music so much and all kind of instrument.
6. Love to be on stage
7. Unable to ask or request anything even when she likes it most
8. Hug her and you know how she feels
9. Don't say much in words
10. Hides her emotion well
11. Loves the crowds

Okie, now I really think she can be a superstar matter what you decide you wanna be just be focus on it and do it with your heart.
And you know that I will always be there for you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Athena is now a big girl...

Isn't she lovely?
This picture was taken when we had a family trip to Bali -- just the 3 of us.
The most wonderful 10 days I have ever had in life, to spend each every second being with my Little Athena.
Realizing now that she grew so fast, and she now has hair-curls off her shoulders. She sings and counts. She's unbelievably smart and a very generous kid.
She the reason of my being keep smiling every each day.


Friday, January 23, 2009


My so grown up baby has this universal language which she use at most for many meaning, it's:
just like an apple button on Mac, this 'MIMA' talkings means a LOT!
Here are some definition that I found out up to today:
1. MIMA = Mommy, perhaps because she was talking with speed and without any pause -- mommymommymommymommymommy....
2. MIMA = MAMI = EYANG, fyi, I called my mum 'Mami' hence she start calling her grandma with mami.. again -- it's constantly repeated.
3. MIMA = Mimi = 'I Want Milk'
4. MIMA = Minta = 'I want it'
5. MIMA = just being nagging and that she think mima is a mumbling sentence at her intermediate babbling classes :p
6. MIMA = 'I want mommy's breastmilk'
7. MIMA = 'that one'

Thats all for now.. I will update if there are more to come :)